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OLIVER F. BRAND (Brand, 1928) - Double - Lavender - Late. Medium tall. Large. Strong steins. One of the most promising and highest rated of all the Brand peonies. Unfortunately it was planted on a piece of ground infected with some kine of rot. All the roots planted on it died. Only a few plants survive. It is hoped that it will finally come back. Bulletin 33. List in 130.

OLIVER P. BAYNE (Smith-Krekler, 1954) - Double - Dark Pink - Early. Dwarf plant. Erect plant. The large, flat, deep pink flowers are borne well above the leaves. Petals tipped white. Some stamens show. Bulletin 133.

OLIVER TWIST (Kelsey, 1942) - Jap. - Pink. Pink guard petals, with a central cluster of fine, light pink. Staminodes are curiously curved and twisted like a curly headed boy. Very interesting formation. No other Jap like it. List in Bulletin 109.

OLIVA (Kelway, 1895) - Double - Lilac-White - Midseason.

OLIVIA SAUNDERS (Saunders, 1943) - Single - Pink - Hybrid. Tall. The single goblet held high, opening light cherry, becoming exquisite pale pink, even paler than Janice. Albiflora x lobata. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129.

ONAHAMA (Gumm, 1926) - Jap. - Red - Midseason. Very tall. Very large cerise red guards, staminodes tipped yellow. Exceedingly showy. List in Bulletin 91. Klehm's 1955 catalog says Midseason.

ONLOOKER (Kelway) - Double - Violet-Rose - Midseason.

ONONDAGA (Little, 1935) - Double - Red - Early. List in Bulletin 91.

OPAL (Pleas, 1908) - Syn. THE JEWEL. Double - Pink to White - Midseason. Medium height. Not notably fragrant. Pale rose-pink becoming almost white when fully open; petals very long, pointed, and arranged in a deep, funnel-like form; floriferous; stems not strong. Foliage good. M.

OPAL IRIS (Pleas) - Semi-Double - Pink - Midseason. Long stems. Large, light pink flower with salmon shading fading to white with age. Long, fairly strong stem. Average foliage. M.

OPHA (Wild & Son, 1950) - Single - White - Early. Medium tall. Large, pure white, Strong. Named for Mrs. O. R. Gouverneur of White Cloud Farm, Carthage, Mo. Bulletin 132.

OPPORTUNE (Brand, 1935) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Medium pink. Medium sized flower of neat appearance. Good. List in Bulletin 91 and 130.

ORANGE GLORY (Auten, 1956) - Single - Red - Early - Hybrid. Tall. Orange red. Single with two rows of petals. Carpels white, filaments pink. Color holds. Stiff stems, very vigorous. Officinalis x albiflora. Letter from Mr. Auten, April, 1956. Auten's 1956 catalog.

ORANGE PRINCE (Pleas, 1909) - Jap. - Red, golden orange center. Midseason.

ORBY (Origin unknown) - Jap. - Maroon-Crimson - Midseason.

ORIENTAL GIRL (Richmond) - Jap. - Deep Old-Rose - Early Midseason. Richmond's 1952 catalog and 1955 list.

ORIENTAL GOLD (Japan, 1954) - Double - Yellow, fading lighter. Midseason. Medium tall. Probably a herbaceous hybrid. Parentage unknown. Roots yellow. Stems upright, strong, bright green. Foliage slightly darker, small. Flowers medium in size, double with some hidden stamens, lemon yellow, fading lighter with age. It blooms with the late Japs. It should prove good for landscape work, arrangements and hybridizing. Due to the fact that the origin of this variety is unknown and also its true name uncertain, it is being registered by Mr. Smirnow under the above name. It is hoped that its history may become known at some future time, and that the species from which it has been derived will be discovered. Bulletin 134.

ORIENTAL GOLD - Double - Yellow, lemon-yellow fading lighter. Medium tall. Its roots are yellow, stems strong, bright green with darker foliage. It blooms with the late Japs and the early lactiflora. The flowers are medium size. It should be an excellent landscape variety and good for arrangements. The presence of hidden stamens may hold out great possibilities for hybridists. A few roots are offered for fall delivery at $150.00. The number of eyes are not guaranteed. It will probably be several years before it can be offered again. Smirnow's 1955 catalog. The above two (ORIENTAL GOLD) were stapled together, back to back.

ORIENTAL PEARL (Wright, 1940) - Jap..Light Rose-Pink - Midseason. Yellow staminodes. Good. List in Bulletin 91.

ORNAMENT des PASSIFS (Crousse, 1893) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED. 1930 Wild catalog lists it ORNAMENT des. MASSIFS and describes it as: large, full cup-shaped bloom. Color a remarkable shade of fine, glossy flesh shaded pink. Late. Midseason.

OSAKA (Chase, 1935) - Jap. - Pink - Midseason. A fine light or medium light pink. List in Bulletin 91.

OSCEOLA (Schneider, 1933) - Jap. - Blush Pink - Midseason. Blush pink guards, staminodes very long light yellow suffused pink. Stigmas red. Disc rose pink. List in Bulletin 91. -

O-SHO-KUN -"Jap. Van Leeuwen list.

OSTRICH PLUME (Pleas) See DR. EDGAR PLEAS. Jap. White guards. Midseason.

OTHELLO (Dessert, 1908) - Single - Carmine - Midseason.

OTHELLO (Lemoine, 1916) - Double - Red - Midseason.

OTTAWA (Kelsey, 1935) - Double - Pink. Rich pink shading lighter at base of petals. High built crown. A very good variety. Wild's 1955 catalog.

OWATONNA (Brand, 1936) - Single - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Medium pink or Tyrian rose. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 130.