(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 39



LOVE 357




(Name change, formerly Lady of the Lake, Bulletin #259

LILITH (William Gratwick, Nov. 19, 1986). Seedling previously known as Chugi pink and New pink. Single Moutan tree peony with great degree of Moutan blood. First bloomed about 1980. Light airy and fluffy vivid pink Moutan, with darker flares. Blooms early, 48", vigorous, excellent amount of bloom with good stem strength holding flowers upright above the plant's foliage. Bulletin #261.

LOIS ELAINE LANING (P. C. Laning), Kalamazoo, Michigan, July 7, 1995. Exhibited in the seedling class, Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 2-3-4. Lutea hybrid, parentage: Age of Gold x mixed pollen of purple double flowered suffruticosa. Deep brownish-rose flowers on tall robust plant; full double. Has set no seed as yet and pollen quality unknown. Bulletin #295.

LOVE 357 (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, June 26, 1996. Seedling # "Honorary number ZJD 357." Parentage Zlata's Jennie x Zlata's Jennie. First bloomed 1995, golden yellow tree peony. This golden yellow flower with mauve-rose edges has a deeper gold, inner bloom with short rose center flares. Some blossoms have a pronounced center tuft, others none. It has pollen, seeds, and fragrant. One to three buds per stem. 36 inches in height, mid-season bloom. Blooms held up extremely well in snow, ice, and weeks of rain. Medium green foliage. Named in honor of my family members who died in the Civil War in Yugoslavia. Before the Civil War I had three hundred fifty-seven relatives in Yugoslavia; today I have none. Flower photo on file. Bulletin #299.

LUELLA (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Feb. 7, 1994. Seedling number 30353. Open pollinated P. Rockii, probably by a Japanese purple T.P. First bloomed 1989. Mauve/purple, paler at the edges, dark almost black flares, capsule white. Single, good substance, stamens, pollen, seeds, reliable. Good stem strength, grows five feet, blooms mid-season. A vigorous plant, no red line on the leaf petiole. A very attractive single bloom, fringed petals, and an unusual pretty color. Bulletin #290.

LYDIA FOOTE (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Sept. 11, 1992. Seedling #31352, double white tree peony; red flares. Parentage, Suffruticosa Rocks Variety, U.K. form seedling. Pollen parent, Japanese double white. First bloomed 1978. This multi-petal white with red flares has pollens, seeds, stamens, good substance with many bloom. Good stem strength, blooms the end of April, vigorous. The foliage has a red line on leaf petioles, red on stems. This is a pure white flower with many petals varying from semi-double to full-double. Very formal, red flares. Propagated by Michel Riviere Nursery, France. Bulletin #285.

MARIA TERESSA (Dancer, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan) (Nassos Daphnis), 362 West Broadway, New York, NY, June 25, 1996. Seedling #404, double hybrid tree peony. Parentage unknown (BC2). First bloomed 1968. This dark pink double is a ball form with stamens, pollen and seeds, also fragrant. It is reliable, with 1-2 buds per stem, good substance with 20-30 blooms. It grows to 5-6 feet, vigorous with good stem strength, blooms in late May. Dark green foliage. This plant is the first to bloom of the hybrids, along with the hybrid "Tria." It is very floriferous with an abundance of flowers. Holds the flowers high and lasts for about two weeks. The color of this flower reminds me of the color of the tunic that Maria Teressa wore when she was dancing. Photo on file.