(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 27









TRANQUIL DOVE (Professor A. P. Saunders), Seedling #Halcyon F2, parentage Halcyon. This hybrid is a white, rosy pink overlay single. It has good substance, stamen and pollen. An early flower 20-24 inches in height, good stem strength with 4-5-inch bloom. Small dark green foliage. This plant was a gift to Chris Laning from Silvia Saunders. Registered, and distribution by Caprice Farm Nursery. Bulletin #287. Sept., 1993.

TROPICAL BONNET (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-59. Pink lactiflora, good substance, 7-71/2"-wide flower. Nice clear medium pink, changes to softer pink. Matching tipped pistils. Double row of large exotic guards. Foliage is good, slight fragrance. Good stem strength, 30" height. Pollen, early bloom. 0-3 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

TWITTERPATED (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-15. Lactiflora of soft pink with cherry/raspberry red streaking. Abundant amount of bloom, with soft pink to cream base with cherry/raspberry red streaking. Carpel matches unfolding petals. Foliage, light green. 4-6"-wide blooms. Pistils match streaking. Floriferous. 2 buds per stem.

VANILLA RASPBERRY TWIRL (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-16. White with raspberry streaking lactiflora. Good substance, white vanilla base with nice raspberry streaking. Light tipped carpels. 5-6"-wide bloom. Good stem strength, 36" height, bloom in mid-season. Has pollen and seeds, fragrant. 0-3 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

VANILLA TWIST (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-11. Lactiflora 5" bloom, mostly vanilla shaggy petals twisted, some raspberry toning. Some green inner toning, red tipped pistils. Slight fragrance. Good stem strength, 28 inches height, average foliage, pollen. 0-2 buds per stem. Early bloom. Bulletin #295.

VIKING FULL MOON (Roy Pehrson; registered by William J. Seidl), April 12, 1989. Seedling number, received from Roy as "Unbloomed Itoh which I labeled RPWS-21." Class, Itoh hybrid, single. Parentage Lactiflora x Yellow lutea hybrid. First year bloomed 1980-1981. Light yellow with ten wide overlapping flat petals in two rows. Dull red flares are covered by yellow stamen ring. 5-6" flowers, strong stems, 30" but barely off the ground for outside stems. Blooms with early lactiflora season. Light grey- green carpels are tipped by cream-yellow stigmas and 2/3 enclosed by sheath of same color. Bulletin #272.

VIKING VALOR (Roy Pehrson; registered by William J. Seidl), April 12, 1989. No seedling number; labeled "RP-NR" by Seidl. Herbaceous hybrid, lactiflora double. Parentage, none given. Prob. "Mikado x Good Cheer." First year bloomed about 1977 (a guess). Received from Roy 1979. Scarlet red double blooms on sturdy 32" stems. Medium to large size bloom. No stamens, no seeds, has carpels. Good attractive foliage, not overly large or course. Propagates well from adventitious buds. Mid-season bloom.

VIKING VANGUARD (Roy Pehrson; registered by William J. Seidl), April 12, 1989. No seedling number, labeled "RP-LDEM" by Seidl. Herbaceous hybrid, single. Parentage Laura Dessert x (P. emodi x P. mlokosewitschii). First year bloomed prior to 1979 when Roy sent roots to me. Smallish purplish-red flowers single, flat form, well developed stamen ring. Bloom start of the peony season. Occasionally sets seeds (Prob. diploid). May set seed if proper pollen is used. Primarily of interest tohybridizers. 24-30" height, rather narrow, deeply lobed foliage. Good stem strength, holds single flower erect.