The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.35














Daphnis No. 368



PERSEPHONE (D-26) L 26 x 44 White Queen, Nassos Daphnis. New York. Greek mythology refers to Demetra's daughter. Pale velvety yellow.

PERSEPOLIS (D-145) Ancient Persian Capital. Nassos Daphnis, New York. Clear festive red.

PURPLE QUEEN (Tree peony) 10-inch flowers of double purple, golden center. Good substance, strong stems, carries well above the foliage. A sturdy plant. Registered by Louis Smirnow.

RED RASCAL - William Gratwick, Pavilion, N.Y. Medium to darker red.

REDON - Nassos Daphnis (D-21) L 26 x J 39 (Shin-tenchi). Named after the painter, Odilon Redon, noted for his vibrant pastels of flowers. Redon has the largest blossoms of any of the hybrids developed so far. The flowers average 10" in diameter, with the petals curved in at the rims. Redon is unusual in that each plant bears flowers of two distinct colors; some blossoms will be pale pink with a bluish tint, while others will be peach.

RUBY DELIGHT (Japanese Tree Peony) - 10-12" flowers of ruby red. Height 36-42". Midseason. Flowers held well above a compact bush. Golden anthers. Dense foliage covers the stalks to the ground. Registered by Louis Smirnow.

TERPSICHORE (Muse of Choral, dance and song) (D-182) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1968. Parentage. Generation - BC-1; Amber Moon x F2 (A). Coral, orange and red veins running through each petal. Single, two rows of petals, well formed and round. The petals move in and out as though in a dance ritual. Good substance, stem strength good. Fragrant, has pollen and seeds. Reliable. Bulletin #224.

TESSERA - Nassos Daphnis (D-9), pedigree unknown. The fourth plant crossed, hence the name. A single blossom with a few big, pale peach petals.

THE CAPTAINS CONCUBINE-William Gratwick, Pavilion, N.Y. Delicate soft airy medium pink.

THEMIS - Nassos Daphnis (D-54) L3 x 44 White Queen. Has two sets of petals, an inner circle which curves upward and inward in a cup-like effect, and an outer circle of petals which lie flat. The color is light pink with a hint of blue, deepening to red at the base. Named after the Greek goddess of law, order and justice.

THERMOPYLEA-Nassos Daphnis D 101, BC2, BC1-X-F1, New York.

TRIA - Nassos Daphnis (D-3), pedigree unknown - third cross- three flowers on each stem. Clear yellow petals unfold in sequence, opening up into blossoms as crispy ruffled as crushed silk. Bulletin #253.

ZEPHYRUS - Daphnis (D-204), (Greek God of the west wind). Semi-double. pink with red flares. Daphnis description - pearly lavender with maroon flares. Bulletin #263.

New, Unnamed: July 15, 1985, Daphnis No. 368; pedigree, Guardian of the Monastery x BC2. Golden with maroon flares. The inner row of petals forms a cup around the prominent center; the outer row of petals curves backward.

NASSOS DAPHNIS (D-361)-July 15.1985, unnamed. Corsair self pollinated. Very dark big flowers, good stems.

WEDDING BELLS - Louis Smirnow, Brookville L.I., New York. 1978. Rich cherry rose. Superb enormous double flowers of exotic beauty. Parentage Gosho zakura x Bikan. Frilled petals, free bloomer. Bulletin #226.