The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.31











ANN MARIE - (William J. Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), Dec. 23,1984. Seedling # Al-13, single lutea hybrid tree peony. Parentage: Reaths A197 x Daphnis numbered seedling, light yellow. First bloomed 1983 (six blossoms). Lavender, darker flares, selected for its smooth orchid-lavender coloring; a breakthrough derived from two light yellow parents. Darker burgundy flares; anthers are light yellow without pollen, light filaments shade to purple base; carpels and stigma are green, 10-12 petals. Foliage and fragrance are typical lutea hybrid. About 30 inches tall in this climate. Terminal buds bloom, one per stem. Dieback has occurred at -15° F without protection, followed by sparse bloom and strong basal growth. Has set some viable seeds by Chinese Dragon and CD seedling. Named in memory of my mother.

APHRODITE D-33 (lutea 20 x J 44 White Queen), Nassos Daphnis, New York, Double pale yellow turning to pure white (dwarf).

ARETHUSA - (Woodland numph pursued by Alpheus the River God - turned into a fountain). (D-344) Nassos Daphnis. Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1975. Parentage. Generation - BC-2; BC-1 self pollinated. Light pink, single. Dark centers with maroon flares. Two rows of heart-like petals. Has the crispness and freshness of water from a spring brook. Good substance, reliable and good stem strength. Has pollen and seeds likely. Fragrant. Foliage strong. Bulletin #224.

ARIADNE (Daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus) (D-304), Nassos Daphnis. Oct. 17. 1977. First bloomed 1974. Parentage. Generation - BC-3; BC-2 x J-8 (Impomon) Peach with red fringes around the edges. Semi-double. The inner petal are ruffled and pointed, the outer petals are round and well formed. The strain ¾ Moutan, ¼ Lutea. Good stem strength, good substance, no pollen or seeds. Fragrant. Reliable. Bulletin #224.

ARTEMIS (Daphnis - named after Nassos, Daphnis daughter). Nassos Daphnis (D-14) L 14 x J 44 (White Queen). Pure pale yellow with silken petals. Bulletin #253.

AURORA (dawn) (D-98) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1962. Parentage. Generation - BC-1; Wings of the Morning x F2 (A). Light yellow, semi-double with red flares. Three rows of petals. Good substance and transparent quality. Reliable, fragrant, has seeds and some pollen. Good stem strength. Strong foliage. Bulletin #224.

AVRA (Morning Breeze) (D-32) Nassos Daphnis. Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1959. Parentage. Lutea 14 x J-44 (White Queen); generation - Fl. Pure white, single. When it first opens it has a light yellow tint, but as the flower gets older it becomes pure white. Two rows notched petals. The inner row of five petals go around the center in perfect harmony. The outside row has an open gesture. No flares. Fragrant, no seeds or pollen. Good stem strength, good vigor and light foliage. Reliable. Bulletin #224.

BEAUTIFUL LADY-Louis Smirnow, Brookville L.I., New York, 1978. Seedling of Hanakisoi. Palest pink with center flares. Immense double, fringed petals, free flowering and strong stems. Tree peony Bulletin #226.

BOREAS (North Wind) (D-311) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17,1977. First bloomed 1974. Parentage. Generation - F2; Fl self pollinated. Very dark burgundy red, semi-double. Petals are ruffled, turning in and out in different directions as though a strong wind is blowing with great force. Looks and feels as though made of velvet. Reliable, has some pollen, seeds likely. Fragrant. Good stem strength. Foliage soft. Bulletin #224.