Paeonia 'Dr. John L. Crenshaw'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



DR. JOHN L. CRENSHAW (Brand, 1936) - List in 91 as John L. Crenshaw) - Double - Red - Late. Height .medium. A fine red coming into bloom late in the season along with Philippe Rivoire, although a much larger flower. This is a bright crimson-red unlike in color either Longfellow or Mary Brand. When the buds begin to open, they might pass for a rich red rose. Three or four outer rows of petals are very large, broad, and symetrically arranged. The stems strong and erect, foliage narrow and dark green. Lists in Bulletins 91 & 130.

DR. JOHN L. CRENSHAW Late. Bright crimson red, medium height plants, stems long and erect.

(D R L) For reasons we don't understand, almost all of the red peonies bloom early and whites appear late in the season. This wonderful flower is an exception to this rule. Dr. Crenshaw comes into bloom with the late whites. A bright scarlet red. Not offered for sale in many years.

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