Paeonia 'Josephine Hope Healy'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



JOSEPHINE HOPE HEALY (Brand, 1936) - Double - Rose-Pink - Late Midseason. Broad rounded petals of clear rose pink. List in Bulletin 91 and 130.

Feedback on my website on March 10, 2006.


My name is Josephine Ruiz-Healy, my Mother Josephine Hope Healy for whom Mr. Brand named a flower will be 90 years old in May. I am trying to locate anyone who

can tell me where I can obtain her Peony as I would like to present them to her on her Birthday. Thank You in advance. J. Ruiz-Healy

My answer


I'm sorry, I don't have a picture of this cultivar in my database. But I can ask around in the peony-forum on yahoo. Maybe this way we find it and we find someone in the US who has a root of it. kind regards, Carsten

She sent her question on the same day to the yahoo groups and after 10 days she repeated her request on Yahoo groups

My second answer:

Hallo, it seems nobody on this group does grw this cultivar or has a picture of it. It is possible, that some people who have purchased it from the Brand's Peony once still grow it in their garden, as peonies are very long-lived. Don't give up the search. If you have a picture, please don't forget to send it to me . Kind regards Carsten

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