Paeonia 'Bandit'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

BANDIT-William H. Krekler. Somerville, Ohio, June 1977, Seedling #586. Lactiflora, high built flesh pink double. Much silver. Registered by Roy Klehm. Bulletin #223.

(Songsparrow): Flower type: Peony—Double

Size: 27

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Hybridizer: William Krekler

Creamy pink bloom with delicate silver hints. Bloom builds in the center. Sturdy stems and good plant habit make it a surefire choice for the spring garden.

Not the name I would have chosen for this peony. There is nothing unruly or lawless about this peony. Granted the stems carry several large flowers and it does perhaps benefit from a bit of staking but in my opinion it is worth the effort. The flowers could almost be called lavender pink. the fragrance, albeit light, is decidedly fresh and very agreeable.

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