Paeonia 'Rosaurea'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]


Brown, William

ROSAUREA (Brown, 1952) - Jap. - Pink. A very striking two-toned Jap, with center petaloids of a lovely straw color. Outer petals bright pink, making a very noticeable contrast. Brown's Peony Gardens - 1955.

Introduced by William Brown of Elora, Ontario.  The following description is was written by A.R. Buckley of the Central Experimental Farm in 1963.  .A good Japanese type with light toned pink petals with straw coloured staminodes and red stigmas forming the crown in the centre.  A very floriferous variety and one which has a very appealing colour effect.  Flower 5½. diameter, Plant Height 33 inches.. (Information from the Canadian Peony Society's Website (www.peony.ca ), where you can find a large picture of this cultivar too.

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