01817 Paeonia 'Ann Marie'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

ANN MARIE - (William J. Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), Dec. 23,1984. Seedling # Al-13, single lutea hybrid tree peony. Parentage: Reaths A197 x Daphnis numbered seedling, light yellow. First bloomed 1983 (six blossoms). Lavender, darker flares, selected for its smooth orchid-lavender coloring; a breakthrough derived from two light yellow parents. Darker burgundy flares; anthers are light yellow without pollen, light filaments shade to purple base; carpels and stigma are green, 10-12 petals. Foliage and fragrance are typical lutea hybrid. About 30 inches tall in this climate. Terminal buds bloom, one per stem. Dieback has occurred at -15° F without protection, followed by sparse bloom and strong basal growth. Has set some viable seeds by Chinese Dragon and CD seedling. Named in memory of my mother.

Attention! The spelling is in the Registration files 'Ann', and in the breeder compilation 'Anne'

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Anna Marie Seidil 1984 EM 4 ' Fr Single
Lovely large soft lavender to orchid with dark burgandy flairs on a sturdy and rapid growing plant. Truly a monument to Mr. Seidl for his tremendous effort, in hybridizing one of the most vigorous Tree Peonies we have grown. Blooms freely and sets seed occasionally.

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