01370 Paeonia 'Philippe Rivoire'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (Riviere, 1911) - Double - Red - Early. (Wild catalog says Late Mid.) Medium height. Richly rose scented. Small. Very dark crimson with a blackish sheen, fully double with a symmetrically incurved center; floriferous, wiry stems. Good foliage. M.

Mme. Philippe Rivoire, [ P. sinensis c) Gefüllt und halbgefüllt blühende Pracht-Pfingstrosen 1. Grundton rot] blitzend rot.

PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (Riviere) A very late velvety dark red darkening toward the center. The beautiful form of this flower and its uniform soft rich color make it a flower loved by all who see it. This is a fine show flower and is absolutely void of stamens. It has a pleasing fragrance and is one of the highest rated reds.

Zeppelin (2001)

'Philippe Rivoire' (F Riviere 1911). Flach gefüllte, amarantrote Bl mit Rosenduft

Rivière (2000):

PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (B. Rivière, 1911). Cramoisi très foncé, bien double, à centre incurvé. Fleur de taille moyenne. Florifère et parfumée. Tardive. H. 0,85 m

Philippe Rivoire (Riviere 1911), dark maroon-red with black sheen. Fine form. Medium size. The only red paeony with tea rose scent. Medium height. Good foliage. Wiry stems. ff.el. *

PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (VF)(L)(Riviere) A medium-size deep crimson double, almost purple, with an intense old rose fragrance; needs to time to get established; a short plant about 24" to 30" tall

'Philippe Rivoire' ( Rivière 1911) : flr. double rouge pourpre foncé, 70cm, très parfumée, tardive.

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