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ARTHUR H. FEWKES (1856-1933)

Newton Highlands, Massachusetts

Biographical sketches


fewkes, arthur howard, was born in Newton, Massachusetts, May 16, 1856. He was educated in the schools of Newton. Mr. Fewkes has been connected with the greenhouse and florist business all his life. He became interested in peonies in the early eighties, through reading accounts in the Garden Magazine (English) of peony shows held in London and Paris. His interest in the peony has always been amateur and never commercial. He states that it has been his hobby and the source of much pleasure and diversion. Mr. Fewkes has made many exhibits of peonies, with varying success as to awards, and has introduced some new varieties, one of which was Avalanche, from a plant obtained from Dessert. He was awarded a certificate by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society for it. For nearly thirty years, Mr. Fewkes was connected with the Plant and Flower Committee of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and for many years he was its Chairman. It was during that period that Milton Hill and Walter Faxon received certificates from the Society and Dr. Minot's Mrs. C. S. Minot a silver medal. The American Peony Society is the outcome of casual talk on the subject between Mr. C. W. Ward and Mr. Fewkes as they examined the various exhibits at the Boston Peony Show, in 1902. Mr. Fewkes states that, in looking back over the years, the exhibits of peonies made by T. C. Thurlow, the father of the present peony specialists, stand out most prominently in his memory as arousing his enthusiasm for the peony. Mr. Fewkes has been prominently identified with the American Peony Society since its organization. He was the first Secretary, serving from 1903 until 1910, Vice-President from 1915 until 1920, and President in 1921 and 1922. In 1927 he was elected Honorary Vice-President for life. Mr. Fewkes is recognized as one of the leading authorities in regard to the peony in America. His address is Newton Highlands, Massachusetts.

franklin, A. B., was born in Waterville, New York, January 18, 1858. He removed with his parents to Michigan and later engaged in various commercial enterprises, devoting eleven years to the hardware business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1898 he established the Franklin Nursery at Richfield Station, Minneapolis, where he now specializes in peony-growing.

Fewkes, Arthur H., Newton Highlands, Mass. 1856-1933. First Secretary American Peony Society and President 1921-2. Breeder.

APS: History of the Peonies and their Originations (-1975):

ARTHUR H. FEWKES - Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 57-28

ARTHUR H. FEWKES (1935) - Double, large. Tall good stems. Large loosely built white with tan and pink tints in the center. Rather flat flower. This was never disseminated by Mr. Fewkes. He gave it to a number of friends and it is found in several gardens. When at its best it is a beautifully colored flower and has good form.

Breedings & Introductions

Arthur H Fewkes

(Fewkes 1935)



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