00823 Paeonia 'La Lorraine'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]

La Lorraine (Lemoine 1901), creamy flesh to pure white showing golden anthers. Incurved large flowers borne in clusters. Good foliage. Scented. t.ff.em. SD

La Lorraine, [ P. sinensis c) Gefüllt und halbgefüllt blühende Pracht-Pfingstrosen 1. Grundton rot] dunkelrot, mfr.

LA LORRAINE (Lemoine, 1901) - Double - White - Midseason. Tall. Rather poor fragrance. Large, cream white, tinted pink, darkest in center, with yellow glow from a few buried stamens. Free-blooming; stout stems. Good foliage. Rather flat when fully open and most attractive. Generally considered an unreliable bloomer, although established, healthy plants are very satisfactory. M.

LA LORRAINE Another of the precious "old ones", and a delightful one at that. Petals of a very delicate pink, with a few flashes of red. It takes 3 year or two to settle in after being planted, but is well worth the wait. Pink Double, Mid season fragrant, 90cm.

LA LORRAINE Pink, Double, Late, Fragrant. 90cm. Another of the precious "old ones". Petals of a delicate pink with a few flashes of red.

'La Lorraine' (Lemoine 1913) : fl. double, très pleine, jaune à rosé chamoisé ,

La Lorraine (Lemoine 1913) : flr. double, pleine jaune à rosé chamoisé.

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