A. N. Lawrenko & N. P. Serditov

Karyosystematitcheskoje Issledowanije Predstawiteljej Semejstw Ranunculaceae i Paeoniaceae na Severo-Wostoke Jewropejskoj Tchasti SSSR

[Karyosystematic Study of the Representatives of the Families Ranunculaceae and Paeoniaceae  in the North-East of the European Part of the USSR]

Botanicheskij Zhurnal 70 (10) 1985 pp. 1346-1354


The chromosome - numbers of 20 Species from 10 Genera of the families Ranunculaceae and Paeoniaceae are given. At Delphinium middendorffii (2n=16) and Batrachium kauffmanniii (2n= 32) the chromosome - numbers were given for the first time ....


Paeonia anomala L.

Komi ASSR, Troitzko-Petchorskij Rayon, along the river Soiwa, 1 km down from the village Nizhnjaja Omra, .....

[the other plants are not peonies, the transl.]