Seed list 2000-2001. part: Paeonia

Josef Halda

PO Box 110

501 01 Hradec Králové 2


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Seed list 2000-2001. Paeonia. The complete list with many alpine seeds is available at the adress above. Prices on request (5-6 $US/package).

The fotos on the left are taken from the seeds delivered to me on October 07th 2000 by Josef Halda. The quantity per package is as shown on the fotos on the left (6-10 seeds per package). Click on the preview fotos for larger pictures (10-25 kByte). I will continue giving the germination results in the next spring on the same place.

Seed sizes: 1 square = 5mm

wights: average wight of the packages content per seed

Scanning method: direct Scan of the seeds with HP Scanjet 4100C, scans sharpened with Adobe Photoshop 4.0, pictures thinned with Irfan View 3.17. HTML layout with StarOffice 5.2 by Dr. Carsten Burkhardt, Kolkwitz,

Catalog No. Plant name

141 Paeonia anomala subsp. intermedia


Kirgizia Alajskij chrebet

subalpine slopes; 3200m; dark green glossy leaves, single large rose-pink flowers on 30cm stems

142 Paeonia anomala subsp. intermedia white


Kirgizia Alajskij chrebet

montane Juniperus-forest, 2800m, vigorous population with large pure white flowers; fantastic

143 Paeonia caucasica


Georgia  Kartli

montane rocky slopes; 1650m; very broad obtuse leaves, large bright pink flowers

144 Paeonia caucasica


Georgia  Kartli

subalpine rocky slopes; 2100m, single large rose flowers on 40cm stems

145 Paeonia caucasica


Georgia  Kartli

subalpine bushy slopes; 1800m; oval glaucous leaves, medium-sized purplish-pink flowers.

146 Paeonia caucasica


Georgia  Kartli

montane savanna; 800m; vigorous plants with greyish-green leaves, large rosy-pink flowers

147 Paeonia delavayi


China Yunnan Habashan

subalpine bushy slopes; 3400m;dense bushes ca. 1m tall, dark purple-violet flowers

148 Paeonia delavayi


China Yunnan Baimashan

montane bushes; 2400m; vigorous form with bright purple flowers ca. 10cm across

149 Paeonia delavayi



subalpine bamboo forest; vigorous bushes with orange flowers; choice

150 Paeonia francheti


China Yunnan Habashan

subalpine dry slopes; 3650m; dense bushes up 1m tall, bronze-orange medium-sized flowers

151 Paeonia francheti



montane bushy slopes; 2800m; purplish-flushed leaves, brownish-yellow flowers

152 Paeonia handel-mazzetii


China Yunnan Habashan

mixed Abies-Rhododendron forest; 3200m; small bushes ca. 0.8m tall and across, bronze-yellow flowers ca. 10cm across; choice

153 Paeonia handel-mazzetii


China Yunnan Habashan

mixed Abies-Tsuga forest; 3400m; smaller bushes with brownish-flushed leaves, bright orange-red flowers

154 Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii


China Yunnan Habashan

subalpine bushy slopes; 3650m; vigorous bushes ca. 1.5m tall and across, flowers bright yellow with yellow eye in the middle; choice

155 Paeonia mascula


Georgia  Kartli

montane savanna; 950m; oval glossy leaves, bright pink flowers ca. 12cm across

156 Paeonia mascula


Romania Piatra Crailului

montane dry slopes; 850m; small greyish-green leaves, smaller purplish-pink flowers on 25cm stems

157 Paeonia officinalis


Romania Piatra Crailului

montane bushy slopes; 700m; bright green celery-like leaves, widely open coral-red flowers; choice

158 Paeonia peregrina


Romania Banat

montane bushy hills; 600m; dark green dissected leaves, bright red semiopen flowers, fantastic

159 Paeonia peregrina


Romania Transsilvania

lowland dry hills; 350m; vivd green celery-like leaves, dark red semiopen flowers

160 Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. papaveracea


China Guizhou

open bushy slopes; 1850;smaller dense bushes up 70cm tall, huge pink flowers with large purple blotches, georgeous

161 Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. rockii


China Guizhou

dry rocky slopes; 2200m; densely branched bushes up 80cm tall, large white flowers with purple blotches in the middle

162 Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. rockii


China Guizhou

calcareous rocky slopes; 2450m; compect dense bushes up to 1m tall, flowers pinkish with dark blotches in the middle, choice

163 Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. suffruticosa


China Guizhou

open calcareous hills, 2400m; small shrubs up to 60cm tall, rosy-pink flowers with paler center

164 Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. suffruticosa


China Guizhou

calcareous bushy slopes; 1800m; shrubs up to 1m tall, large lavender-pink undulate flowers

165 Paeonia tenuifolia


Georgia  Kartli

dry open hills; 1250m; vigorous form with dark green finely dissected leaves and large purple-red flowers; choice

166 Paeonia tenuifolia


Romania Transsilvania

lowland savanna; 450m; small form up 30cm tall with smaller bright red flowers

167 Paeonia tenuifolia


Georgia  Kartli

montane calcareous hills; 950m; smaller form with very narrow leaf-segments, bloody-red flowers on 40cm stems

168 Paeonia veitchii


China Yunnan Baimashan

subalpine open bushy slopes, 3100m; vigorous form with several bright pink flowers 8 cm across

169 Paeonia veitchii small


China Yunnan Habashan

subalpine bushy slopes; 3450m; small form up 30cm tall, stems with several small rosy-red flowers

170 Paeonia veitchii


China Yunnan Habashan

subalpine boulders; 3600m; medium-sized form with olive-green leaves; flowers sugar-pink with bright red calyx-lobes

not from Halda's 2000-2001 list:

Paeonia mlokosewitschi & affinis wittmanniana from 1999 harvest

Paeonia brownii from garden seed (Halda) coll. Wanashi-Mts./Washington