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(seedlist with pictures 2001) (Samenliste mit Bildern 2001)

Dear friends

please find below the 2001-2002 list. As usual, you' find a number of new and wondrous species

Excuse me, please a delay this fall, but we were collecting in Asia the whole summer and fall and, I hope...... no more this year.

You, who subscribed our Daphne-book, will gel it probably logether with this Seed-list - we are sending both together. (The Daphne - book was finished a week ago).

This year we again especially collected peonies, our main interest last years. All of the seed in this list was collected in its natural habitat by my wife Jarmila and me during the summer and autumn 2001. We have taken great care to assure that all seeds is clean and well packaged. Because we sell only fresh seed and because I have personally supervised the entire process, I have great confidence in the quality and viability of the seeds listed within. Many our customers have written to express their enthusiasm about the rare and choice selection of seed that we offer. These responses are particularly encouraging to us as we have dedicated ourselves to providing you the very best that is to be found. Our travels take us to the highest and most remote mountains of the world where we often camp for weeks at a time at altitudes of 7000m while doing research and collection. Of course there are no roads into these remote areas and our travel is limited to walking, yaks, camels, horses and donkeys, but it is u labor of love for us.

Orders will be processed in the order of arrival.

NOTA BENE: Unless otherwise indicated, packets contain 20 or more seeds, up to 100 in some cases. We will ship orders from this catalog beginning November 3. until February 20. 2002

Please indicate if you would prefer alternatives or in the event that we run short of an item. Seed of the same

species from a different locality will be substituted when available. We do not issue credit - please indicate alternatives.

Order early to avoid dissappointment. Please order by catalog number (1-242) name and price, on the enclosed form. Include our order form or a duplication thereof lor all orders of any size.

Payment must accompany order and is acceptable in US or Western funds. (No eurochecks, please). Cash will be accepted, but please in the registered mail. For cash we give discount 10%. We offer quantity incentives as follows:

$ 50-100 - Free Shipping

$100-200 - Free Shipping + 5% Free Seeds

$200-300 - Free Shipping + 10% Free Seeds

$300- UP-Free Shipping + 15% Free Seeds

Please notice that it is not a dollar discount, so be sure to include a list of species that you would like as your free seeds. If your order qualifies for free seeds and you have not given us a list of your choices, we will send you free seeds of our choice. We will try to guess what you would like from your order. If you share- our enthusiasm about these wonderful species, please show this list to your friends or duplicate il for them!

Thank you for your ordering!

Hope your winter has been good and you have appropriately whetted your apetite for more wondrous seeds!

Happy New Year! Josef Halda

Wild Peonies are super garden plants and we again offer a small assortment of our latest collections. They mostly germinate immediately; if not, keep the pots till they will germinate (the germination is practically 100%). Place the pots in shade, properly watered and protected against fungi (for example Prievicur or Fundazol after washing in hygrogen-peroxide, which helps for sooner germination). We keep the seeds in a refrigerator in plastic bags as a protection against drying-up; sow the seeds as soon as possible. They germinate and grow under artificial light without any difficulties.

144. Paeonia anomala JJH010894 ALT; montane mixed forest; huge deep pink flowers on 30cm stems: 10 seeds $5

145. P. anomala JJH010898 ALT: subalpine rocky slopes; smaller sugar-pink flowers on 25cm stems: 10 seeds $5

146. P. anomala 'Albiflora' JJH010895; ALT; subalpine grassy hills: large plants with dark green leaves and pure white flowers; 10 seeds $5

147. P. caucasica JJH0108847 ING: montane rocky slopes; oval purplish leaves, large purplish-pink flowers: 10 seeds $5

148. P. caucasica JJH0108077 ING: open mixed forest; broad obtuse leaves, large bright pink flowers;10 seeds $5

149. P. caucasica JJH0108848 KART; subalpine rocky slopes; oval glaucous leaves, large purplish-pink flowers; 10 seeds $5

150. P. delavayi JJH010923 HAB; montane mixed forest up 2600m; densely branched bushes up to Im, dark purple-violet llowers; 8 seeds $5

151. P. delavayi JJH01094 5 HAB; subalpine bamboo forest; medium-sized shrublets with orange-red flowers; 8 seeds $5

152, P. francheti JJH010921 HAB; montane bushy slopes; smaller purplish leaves, brownish-yellow flowers: 8 seeds $5

153. P. francheti JJH010924 HAB; subalpine dry slopes; glaucous bronce-flushed leaves, bronze-orange smaller flowers: choice; 8 seeds $6

154. P. handel-mazzettii JJH010934 HAB: open mixed coniferous forest; smaller shrublets with bronze-flushed leaves, bright orange-red flowers; superb! 8 seeds $6

155. P. handel-mazzettii JJH010950 HAB: highmontane mixed Abies-bamboo-forest; smaller shrublet up to 0.7m tall, leaves flushed purple; medium-sized flowers bronze-yellow; 8 seeds $6

156. P. intermedia JJH0108351 BAD; subalpine dry rocky slopes up 3000m; small clumps up 0.4m tall, leaflets oval: medium-sized flowers bright pink; 10 seeds $6

157. P. lutea aff. subsp. ludlowii JJH010946 HAB; subalpine bushy slopes; smaller shrubs ca 1m tall and across, leaflets glaucous; flowers bright yellow with red eye; 6 seeds $5

158. P. mascula JJH0108849 PAL; montane bushy hills up 1600m; larger clumps with oval leaflets and huge purple-pink flowers; 10 seeds $5

159. P. mascula JJH0108777 KART; smaller plants with oval purplish leaflets and medium-sized bright-rose flowers: 10 seeds $5

160. P. mlokosewitschii JJH0108741 KART; montane mixed forest; ornamental glaucous leaflets, medium-sized pale yellow flowers: 8 seeds $5

161. P. officinalis JJH010733 BRAS; open bushy hills; dark glossy green celery-like leaves, widely open bright coral-red flowers; 10 seeds $5

162. P. peregrina JJH010756 CAL; lowland open bushy slopes; bright green celery-like leaves with narrower lobes, large open coral-red flowers; 10 seeds $5

163. P. peregrina JJH010766 VID; open bushy hills; lower clumps with smaller semiopen bright red flowers; 10 seeds $5

164. P. suffruticosa subsp. suffruticosa .JJH010936 GUI; open rocky hills; smaller shrubs with huge soft pink flowers; 8 seeds $6

165. P. suffruticosa subsp. suffruticosa JJH010937 GUI; open bushy hills; vigorous shrubs ca 1m tall with large purple-pink flowers; 8 seeds $5

166. P. suffruticosa subsp. rockii JJH010925 GUI: dry rocky slopes; smaller bushes up 0.7m tall and across, huge pure white flowers with dark purple eye; 8 seeds $5

167. P. suffruticosa subsp. rockii JJH010947 GUI; vigorous shublets up 1m tall and across with glaucous leaves and huge white or pinkish dark-eyed flowers: 8 seeds $5

168. P. tenuifolia JJH0108850 KART; montane dry-rocky slopes; small clumps with broader leaflets and smaller dark crimson flowers; 10 seeds $5

169. P. tenuifolia JJH010768 VID; lowland open bushy slopes; vigorous clumps with very finely dissected leaflets and huge bloody-red flowers;10 seeds $5

170. P.veitchii JJH0I0948 HAB; subalpine open bamboo-Abies-forest; small clumps with bright pink flowers; 10 seeds $5

171. P. veitchii JJH010926 HAB; subalpinc rocky slopes: small plants with several tiny pale pink flowers: 10 seeds $5

172. P. veitchii JJH010927 GUI; open mixed forest; smaller form with several soft pink flowers with bright red calyx-lobes; 10 seeds $5