(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 23








REINE DELUXE (Roy G. Klehm), Barrington, IL, 1986. Seedling #121M. Double lactiflora. Fully double high-crowned blossoms of soft apple blossom pink with occasional slight red petal edging. Reliable, excellent amount of bloom. Good stem strength 34", mid-season, good foliage. Potential for excellent cut and show flower. Bulletin #259.

ROBERTA ERICKSON (R. W. Tischler), 1995, Faribault, Minnesota. Seedling #307, parentage unknown. Striking ivory-white double. Flat type flower, 6 to 8-inch bloom. Opens easily on strong stems. Shows some yellow stamens. The foliage is medium green in color and 32 to 34 inches in height. Slightly fragrant. Blooms mid-season. Bulletin #297.

ROSE FANTASY (Bill Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), April 13,1989. Seedling #HT-1, garden name "Dusty Rose." Single hybrid. Parentage (probably) Lactiflora seedling, L5, single purplish-red seedling of Harriet Olney x Chinese Dragon. Bloomed about 1976. Dusty rose, single with darker flares, silvery picotee, especially as flower ages; 5-6 gray-green carpels enclosed by creamy-white sheath and topped by large, rose red stigmas. Some flowers incomplete with narrowing petals and fringed edges. Infertile, no pollen 30-36". Weak stems make this a good arranger, cut flower, poor garden subject. Healthy foliage: Won CM at National Exhibition, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bulletin #272.

ROSELEGANCE (Bill Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), April 14,1989. Seedling #82SDLC-1, herbaceous hybrid, double. Parentage: Salmon Dream x Lemon Chiffon. First year bloomed 1987; ploidy-tetraploid. Medium rose pink, wide guard petals frame a mound of smaller petals. Ball form or inbetween. Tetraploid. Fertile pollen. Stamens clustered around carpels; not hidden. Occasionally sets seed. Excellent stem strength, 30" height, holds flowers erect, midseason bloom. Dense semi-glossy foliage. Bulletin #270.

RUBYETTE (Nathan Rudolph), Aurora, Illinois, 1986. Seedling #63-01. Single hybrid. Parentage, Burma Ruby , open pollinated. First bloomed 1963. Single dark red, stamen, pollen and seeds, good substance. Performs with excellent plant and flower habit of its famous parent. The plant is shorter and the flower, darker. The outer petals have a streak of white at the base. 24" in height with good stem strength, blooms mid- season. Reliable. Bulletin #259.

RUTH OLSON (Harris Olson, Birmingham, Michigan), June 27, 1992. Parentage, open pollinated lactiflora, semi-double. First bloomed before 1990. Divided. The petals of this flower are rose pink with petaloides and stamenoides of champagne color. For a full description, there is a single row of rose pink guard petals underlying a collar of champagne colored petaloides. This ring underlies a second tier of rose pink petals, which surrounds a center of champagne colored narrower petaloides and stamenoides. Bright pink tips adorn small immature carpels. Fragrant, medium stem strength; mid-season bloom, 32-36" height.

SCATTERBRAIN PINK (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-62. White lactiflora, good substance, 41/2" wide bloom. White base with soft pink, and some green intermixed in - no set pat- day. Small rosy flares, yellow sheath, anthers and filaments. Medium- sized flower with twenty-five plus petals, some pollen. Tall vigorous plant with excellent foliage. Long strong stems and laterals. Photo on file.