Paeonia 'G'Day Mate'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Seidl / Bremer 2018)

G'Day Mate. Seidl/Bremer. 2018. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Nicknamed 'G'Day Mate' by Bill Seidl for its seed origin. This plant and Aussie Peach were grown from seed sent to Bill from Bernard Chow of Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990's. Large well formed flower on a vigorous plant with excellent foliage, yellow with rose highlights. One of Bill's favorite hybridizing subjects. Fertile both ways, but pollen is easier. This plant's stems are subject to winter die off in cold seasons, making it a good choice for warmer or protected locations. Annual stem growth can exceed 3 feet. Has been minimally distributed under the names 'G'Day Mate' and 'Chow's Yellow'. A spectacular plant and excellent hybridizing subject. Lightly

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