Paeonia 'Aussie Peach'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]



(Seidl / Bremer 2018)

Aussie Peach. Seidl/Bremer. 2018. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. (Chow I24 x Chow I31 'Kenka'). Nicknamed 'Aussie Peach' by Bill Seidl for its seed origin. This plant and G'Day Mate were grown from seed sent to Bill from Bernard Chow of Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990's. Semi-double to double light amber yellow with soft rose picotee flowers. Dusty pink sheath, light red filaments and cream stigmas. A lower growing plant that has excellent foliage. The plant has been distributed under its seedling number (Seidl #239) and the name 'Aussie Peach'. Plants grow comfortably in wide ranging climates, from Minnesota to Virginia and Oregon. Very good. Fertile both ways.

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