Paeonia rockii (S. G Haw & L. A. Lauener) T. Hong & J. J. Li ex D. Y. Hong subsp. linyanshanii (J. J. Halda) T. Hong & G L. Osti sensu Zhu Xiangyun & Hong Tao 2005

in: Zhu, Xiangyun1; Hong, Tao2 (2005): Validation and neotypification of Paeonia rockii subsp. linyanshanii (Paeoniaceae). Taxon, Volume 54, Number 3, August 2005, pp. 806-807(2), Publisher: International Association for Plant Taxonomy [Abstract: "Paeonia rockii subsp. linyanshanii T. Hong & G. L. Osti" was not validly published in 1994 because it was assigned to "Paeonia rockii (S. G. Haw & L. A. Lauener) T. Hong & J. J. Li", which was not then a validly published name. Although the species name was validated in 1998 as Paeonia rockii (S. G. Haw & L. A. Lauener) T. Hong & J. J. Li ex D. Y. Hong, P. rockii subsp. linyanshanii has still not been validly published, although P. suffruticosa var. linyanshanii J. J. Halda was validly published in 1997. P. rockii subsp. linyanshanii is validated here, based on Handa's varietal name, and, because the holotype was not preserved, a neo-type is designated. Keywords: PAEONIACEAE; PAEONIA ROCKII SUBSP. LINYANSHANII; VALIDATION Affiliations: 1: Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, China 2: Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China] online available under the following (link)

type: [tree peony] – [species] – [synonym]

accepted name (2006):

Paeonia rockii subsp. D. Y. Hong & K.- Y. Pan rockii (Haw & Lauener) subsp. rockii 1999

Hong D Y, 1998: Paeonia rockii and its one new subspecies from Mt. Taibai, Shaanxi of China. Acta Phytotax. Sin. 36(6): 538—543.


Hong D Y & Pan K Y, 1999: A revision of the Paeonia suffruticosa complex (Paeoniaceae). Nord. J. Bot., 19(3): 289—299.

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Hong D Y & Pan KY, 1999: Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae). Acta Phytotax. Sin. 37(4): 351—368.

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