Paeonia 'Ella Christiansen'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Descriptive List of Chinese Peonies]

ELLA CHRISTIANSEN. (Brand, 1925.) 9.0 (7 votes).*

Double type; very large; midseason. A loose flower of medium pink on long, fairly strong stems; fragrant. Floriferous; vigorous; tall.

This variety holds its color unusually well in the sun.

An example of queer color nomenclature. Carmine is a form of crimson and quite purplish, whereas Ridgway's hydrangea-pink is yellowish pink. Silvery salmon could be translated silvery golden pink! I take it, the describer meant that the flower is flesh-pink with salmon shading.—Stevens.

ELLA CHRISTIANSEN (Brand, 1925) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Medium tall. Fragrant. Very large. A loose flower of medium pink on long fairly strong stems. Floriferous; vigorous. This variety holds its color unusually well in the sun. M.

ELLA CHRISTIANSEN (A. M. Brand) Although not so deep a pink as Blanche King, Ella Christiansen is so distinct from the delicate pinks in coloring as to be a real acquisition. The flower is exceedingly large, both on the plant in the field, and when handled as a cut flower. Petals are long, narrow and heavily serrated on the edges. The flower first opens, cup-shape, then flat. Irresistibly appealing — We like it better every year. Late.


ELLA CHRISTIANSEN (Brand, 1925) Double, late midseason, fragrant. Large, attractive flowers have long petals of light to medium pink. The Brand Nursery developed many excellent varieties, and this is surely one of them

Ella Christiansen* (Brand 1925) L.  Full Double; very large, medium pink hue holds well out of doors; fragrant, floriferous. Vigorous and climate tolerant, its performance has for long been well regarded in our hot climate. Medium tall, fairly strong stems may benefit by support when flowered in the landscape. 

A vigorous plant which bears large flowers loosely packed with medium pink petals.  Fragrant.  Does well in the South.

Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed (THE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TARTU) INDEX PLANTARUM : Paeonia 'Ella Christiansen' Brand 1925

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