Paeonia 'Derek Hill'

type: [tree peony] – [species cultivar] - [delavayi-cultivar]


Hill (1)

DEREK HILL (Derek Hill, Churchill, Letterkenny Co., Donegal, Ireland), Jan. 4, 1989. Single hybrid with parents lutea ludlowii and delavayi. First bloomed 1983. A good clear vivid medium to dark yellow with a distinct bright red flare radiating up three fourths of the large petals. It is very reliable, but has the same amount of bloom as its parents. Three and one half feet in height, foliage the same as the parent. Blooms in June. It is a flat form, with stamens and pollen. A color photograph of this flower was published in the Horticulture Magazine, London. Bulletin #270.

It is very doubtful, that Paeonia ludlowii could be involved as one parent. The registration text gives no explanations, which one was the pollen parent or if it is hand-pollinated or not- The description of the plant itself sounds like a regular Paeonia delavayi

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