Paeonia 'Dewey HP1-61' (trade designation)

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



Hollingswoth Nursery: „OLD FARMSTEAD" PEONIES" 

DEWEY HP1-61—same blush anemone and same bush form as the other two.

We offer here three HISTORIC LACTIFLORAS of several similar peonies we acquired years ago. When we asked fellow peony breeders for specimens of plants known to have long survived, perhaps notable for having been kept for generations in a family or collected at old home sites or having other evidence of excellent durability. We have them from Missouri, Ohio and Virginia. Surprisingly, when these peonies grew up and flowered, they proved to be near identical. All of these will occasionally have useable stigmas and carpels for seeding, no pollen.

The first listed below had been growing at our present home since before the memory of people who lived here from about 1920. It is also the seed parent of our first Itoh Hybrid peonies, GARDEN TREASURE and BORDER CHARM. The late Dale Helmling said his contribution was from his mother’s garden.

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - The Peony Database


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