Paeonia 'Copper Stone'

type: [tree peony] – [species cultivar] - [delavayi-cultivar]

Copper Stone (J. W. and D. M. McFarlane) Waimate, New Zealand May 15, 2000. Seedling Number McF 17. Parentage Lutea x Delavay. First bloomed 1993. Brick colored single, flat form, stamens, pollen and seeds, good substance. One bud per stem, 4 A in. flowers with wavy petals, a vigorous grower. Finely cut light green foliage with spaced pointed leaves. Midseason.

Burkhardt (2001):

According to Hong (1997) this is a cross of two forms of the same species. Mixtures of reddish or dark red delavayi's and yellow forms give mostly such brick colored outcome.

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