Paeonia baokangensis Z.L. Dai & T. Hong

Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 17 (1): 2-3, f. 2. 1997

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China Baokang cultivar group]

accepted name (2005):

P. x baokangensis (Z.L. Dai & T. Hong) D.- Y. Hong & K.- Y. Pan
original description

Paeonia baokangensis Z. L. Dai et T. Hong sp. nov.

Species Paeonia ridleyi Z. L. Dai et T. Hong affinis, sed folia bipinnata, foliolis 15, foliolis terminalibus interdum ellipsoidalibus differt.

Frutex deciduus, circa 1.5- 2m altus, cortice cinereo brunneolo, striato. Folia bipinnata, foliolis 15, foliolis terminalibus ellipsoidalibus, 7. 5 - 9cm longis, 4 - 5cm. latis, apice integribus vel 1 - 3 - lobis, basi leviter cordatis vel cuneatis, subtus prope basin pubescentes, petiolulis 1.5- 2cm longis minute pubescentibus; foliolis lateralibus ovato - ellipsoidalibus vel ellipsoidalibus, 4 - 9. 5cm longis, 2.2-5. 7cm latis, apice acutis, basi rotundatis raro cuneatis, subtus prope basin et secus nervos pubescentes, petiolulis subsessilibus vel 0.2 - 1. 2cm longis, pubescentibus. Flores solitarii, terminales; bracteae 5, sepala 3, petala 11, rosaea 5.5-7.5cm longa, 5-9cm lata, vertice emarginata, basi late cuneata, radial- rubro - maculata 2.5-4cm longa, 1.5 -2cm lata; stamina numerosa, antheris flavis, filamentis pallide purpureo -rubris; discus pallide purpureo - ruber, vertice dentatis; carpella 5, dense pallide luteo - albo - hirsute - sericea, stigmatibus atro - purpureo - rubris. Florescentia intium Maji.

Hubei:--------- alt. 1600m, in bush; May 2 1996. Dai Zhen - lun. Ran Dong - ya, Li Qing - dao 96047 (Holotypus, Baokang Forestry Research Institute).

MBG Tropicos: Status: Type - protologue


Baokang, ----------, in bush, 1600m., Z.L. Dai, D.Y. Ran & Q.D. Li, 96047 (HT: Baokang Forestry Research Inst.) 2 May 1996




Hong, D.-Y. & Pan, K.-Y. 1999. A revision of the Paeonia suffruticosa complex (Paeoniaceae). -Nordic Journal of Botany 19: 289-299. Copenhagen. ISSN 0107-055X.


Paeonia x baokangensis Z. L. Dai et T. Hong (pro sp.)

Bull. Bot. Res. 17(1): 2. Fig. 2 (p.5). 1997. - Type: China, Hubei, Baokang County, Houping Township, 1996,05,02, Dai Z. L“ Ran, D. Y. & Li, Q. D. 96047 (Baokang Forestry Research Institute! photo PE!).

We consider that this is a hybrid between P. qiui and P. rockii, because all the characteristics of P. baokangensis can be found in these two species. Dai and Hong, T.'s protologue cited the type: "Baokang, Houpingzhen, Chefenggou, alt. 1600 m, in bush, May 2, 1996, Dai, Z.L“ Ran, D. Y. & Li Q. D. 96047". The first author of the present paper with assistance of bis Student, Miss Feng Y. X., and Prof. Ye Y. Z. at Henan Agricultural University vistited Mr Dai and examined the type.

Following Mr Dai's guidance we found the shrub from where the type was collected. The shrub was actually growing at the side of Mr Qi Xin-hua's house in Hongjiayuan village, Houping Town, 380 m alt. When we visited Mr Qi, there was a flower on the shrub just at anthesis, which is exactiy the same äs the type specimen in every aspect (Plate 9). Mr Qi told us that the shrub was introduced from a nearby mountain at least 20 years ago. In front of Mr Su Yuan-zhi's house in the same village but a couple of kilometers W. of Mr Qi's house, numerous individuais of Paeonia were growing. Among them, there were different forms, P. rockii, P. qiui and P. obovata, all of which were introduced from the nearby mountains according to Mr Su, and several hybrid individuals apparently came from hybridization between P. qiui and P. rockii. The story may well be: the villagers introduced peonies to their houses; P. qiui and P. rockii hybridized when they met in the village. In the nearby mountains in Houping Town we found both P. qiui (Mt. Chefongping, Hong, Ye and Feng H97029) and P. rockii (near Zhanjiapo village, Hong, Ye and Feng H97051), but not P. baokangensis in the mountains.

Specimens examined. Hubei, Baokang, Houping Town, Hongjiayuan Village, at the side of Mr. Qi Xin-hua's house. 380 m alt. 1997,05,02, Hong, Ye and Feng H97026 (PE, A, CAS, K, MO, S); the same village, in front of Mr. Su Yuan-zhi's house, 400 m alt. 1997,05,02, Hong, Ye and Feng H97025(PE).




HONG De-Yuan & PAN Kai-Yu Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 37(4):351-368(1999)

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