Paeonia 'Delaware Chief'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



DELAWARE CHIEF - Don Hollingsworth. 5831 N. Colrain Ave., Kansas City, Missouri 64151, July 7, 1984. Seedling #141. Officinalis double hybrid. Parentage: Paeonia officinalis Ruba Plena x red double lactiflora. First bloomed about 1975. Officinalis Hybrid, bomb double flowers of rich rose red take on fiery tints under incandescent lighting. Flowers with others of its group, from fat buds which develop into a 6 ½ inch ball of smooth petals. Good grower; dark green foliage, has a strong component of red, and matte finish; lasts well into the summer compared to others of the type. Spicy fragrance. Leaves to the ground, straight strong stems make a good landscape plant. Honorable Mention Award 1984.

Delaware Chief (Hollingsworth 1984) Bomb Double, opens a deep ruby red, grows to large globular form; hue lightens as the flower ages, especially in warmer seasons. Medium tall, vigorous, makes a wide bush, stands well. Leaflets dark green, appearance holds reasonably well as summer progresses. Similar to its parent, the Officinalis cultivar ‘Rubra Plena’ but bigger in all its parts. Triploid, highly infertile. Item 0141.

Blooming Period: 4


Side Buds:No

Comments:A dramatic bomb double with good strong colour and excellent bush form.

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