Paeonia 'Beryll'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

(APS Bull.#323, Sep. 2002): Beryll (Rieck, Irmatraud and Gottlob, Germany, March 7, 2002) Parentage – Laning's quad hybrid seed exchange. First year bloom 1997. Light yellow hybrid, stamens, pollen and seeds. Reliable one-two buds per stem. Flat form, good substance, no fragrance, stiff stems, higtht 1m. Blooms middle of May, increases slowly, shining foliage. Beryll, name resembles to yellowish gemstone Beryll. Blooms sometimes single, sometimes one half double of elegant flower petals. Reddish flares on base of the petals. Color fades when flower ages. (photo on back cover of Bulletin #323)

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