Paeonia 'Turmalin'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] – [European Rockii]

(APS Bull.#323, Sep. 2002): Turmalin (Rieck, Irmatraud and Gottlob, Germany, March 7, 2002) Seedling number 94.020 Rockii hybrid. Parentage – seed received from Lanzhou, Gansu Prov. China. First bloomed 1998, Flower different shades of pink, ball form, no stamens, pollen or seeds. More than one bud per stem. Reliable, stiff stems, hight 1.5m (expected more). Very vigorous, easy to divide. Foliage, Rockii hybrid type. Turmalin, name resembles to Turmalin needles on rose quartz gemstone. Different shades of pink and white, sometimes creamy at adges. Unusual to rockii hybrids, more than one flower per stem. (photo on back cover of Bulletin #323)

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