Paeonia 'Rock's Variety'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid]

Rock's Variety is a cultivated plant, deriving from Paeonia rockii. There are differences between the plants under the name 'Joseph Rock', which are derived from the seeds collected by Joseph Rock (and which brought a number of different cultivars, such as the so-called US-type or Arnold Arboretum form and the british type or Hidecote form) and the wild species (P.rockii (Haw & Lauener) Hong & Li ex D.Y. Hong ). Paeonia rockii is „characterized by leaves tri- (or bi-) pinnate; leaflets usually 19-33, very rarely less than 19; filaments yellow; floral disc yellowish white; Stigmata yellow and petals white but with a dark purple blotch at the base. “The cultivated forms differ more or less from this type in having purplish filaments, darker floral discs or stigmata not yellow.(Hong de-yuan 1998).

ROCK'S VARIETY Espèce botanique reconnue comme le type de SUFFRUTICOSA. Elle est aussi appelée P ROCKII ou "JOSEPH ROCK". Plante très rare. Fleur simple à semi-double, souvent rosée à l'ouverture, elle devient ensuite blanc pur avec, au bas des pétales, une énorme macule pourpre noirâtre bordée de rouge pourpre, entourant une couronne d'éta-mines jaunes. Contraste étonnant sur une fleur magnifique, toujours recherchée par amateurs et collectionneurs.


Flower type: Tree Peony—Single to Semi-double

Plant zone(s): 4-8

Bloom time: Early

Hybridizer: Unknown

Fluffy, fragrant white single to semi-double accented with rich purple inner flower flares. Vigorous plant habit, this variety is rare and highly prized by gardeners worldwide.

ROCKS VARIETY (Joseph Rock.) The very well known and sought after variety (U.S.type). Large single pure white petals enhanced by the dark purple flares at the base of the petal. Ultimately forms a tall bush, with the blooms preening themselves over the ijage. Single white.

Rock's Variety or Joseph Rock's. Rock. Chinese Gansu-mudan. White single flowers of large size. Sometimes flushed with pink when flowers open and then turning white quickly with age. Large dark maroon basal flares. Maroon stamens, cream sheath and stigmas. Strong growing plants become large over time, 5 feet or more and 7 feet wide in Wisconsin. Beautiful foliage with long leaves divided into many leaflets. Very winter hardy. These are grafted plants and are guaranteed to be authentic (no surprises). Often sold as Paeonia rockii, but it is actually a hybrid. Sold as Rock's Variety and Joseph Rock. Excellent. Fertile and a superior parent. Recommended for cold winter climates.


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