Paeonia 'Rose Heart'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



Information from the Canadian Peony Society's Website (www.peony.ca):

This somewhat controversial variety was hybridized by William Bockstoce and introduced into commerce by Henry Landis in 1974.  The controversy centers on the fact that it was previously registered by Bockstoce in 1955 as 'Bess Bockstoce' and is so known in the USA.  There is a variety in Canada known and sold as 'Bess Bockstoce' but this appears to be different than the APS registered variety by the same name. (Photo by Valda McKenzie, June 11, 2000.)

For high resolution pictures of this cultivar look on The Canadian Peony Society's website www.peony.ca and in the 'Gallery' of the Heartland Peony Society's Website www.peonies.org .

Deep Pink, full double, early, 33" tall, hybrid. Flower opens deep pink then outer petals fade while the tightly packed inner petals retain the deep pink color for a very unusual effect. Hard to find. Limited.

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