Paeonia 'Hong Xia Ying Ri '

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

chinese name:

translations of the name:

Golden Sun Shining Through Red Cloud, Red clouds greet the day, Red clouds reflecting the sun, Red Rays of the Sun


Rote Flimmer der Sonne


Rossi bagliori del sole

Unopiú (1997)

Hong Xia Ying Re ; Rote Flimmer der Sonne ; Einfache Blume, rot, späte Blütezeit

Osti (1997)

HONG XIA YING RI, «Rossi bagliori del sole». Fiore doppio, rosso malva, a forma di loto su gambi eretti, lunghi. Profumo delicato, alta resistenza alle intemperie, fioritura tardiva.

Osti (1999)

HONG XIA YING RI "Red Rays of the Sun" Flowers: mauvish red; double, lotus form, on long erect stalks, delicately scented, late flowering. Resistant to adverse weather conditions.

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Hong Xia Ying Ri // Brilliant Sunglow Greeting the Sun Purplish red, lustrous, Hundred proliferate form. sometimes chrysanthemum form occurs. Flowers size '' 16cm x 6cm ''; upright; delicate fragrance. Plant dwarf, partially spreading. Branches stout. Growth fairly vigorous. Blossoming midseason. (1976)

NTSC (suffr.)

Hong Xia Ying Ri (Prunosus Sunglows Greeting The Sun)

'Hong Xia Jingri' : (Chine) fl. semi-double, rosé à rouge violacé

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