Paeonia 'Lavender Hill'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid]

LAVENDER HILL (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #MRV-3. Parentage Rock's Variety x Kamata Fuji. First bloomed 1990. This Moutan tree peony is double lavender with stamens, pollen and seeds. Reliable, good stem strength, height 36" high x 54" wide. Early bloom. Lavender petals and filaments, cream lavender sheath, reddish carpel tips, dark purple flares, 6-7 inch flowers are double (30+ petals), and fragrant. Borne on sturdy stems.

Theresa Griesbach:

Lavender Hill. Seidl. 1996. American rockii-suffruticosa lineage hybrid. (Rock's Variety x Kamata-fuji). Many petaled semi-double lavender petals and stamens, cream-lavender sheath, pink stigmas, dark purple flares. Petals are creped and ruffled. Beautiful rounded and deeply cut leaves gracefully cover the medium sized shrub. Plants are heavy bloomers and flower carriage is very good. Very hardy and always consistent. To 4 feet and 5 feet wide after 10 years. A rockii hybrid that has it all-superior. Fertile both ways. One of the most popular woody peonies we carry and worthy of any garden. Recommended for cold winter climates.

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