Paeonia 'Early Scout'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



EARLY SCOUT (Auten, 1952) - Single - Red - Very Early - Hybrid. A very dark red, very early. Blooms before the other hybrids. Cut foliage. Distinct. Albiflora RICHARD CARVEL x Tenuifolia. List - Bulletin 129.

'Early Scout' (Auten, 1952),Li,B,1-3/ 70-90,50,s.früh,blutrot- tief rot,A1,Geschlitztes Blatt (von P. tenufolia); einfach.

EARLY SCOUT (Hybrid) One of the earliest of all peonies to bloom. A very dark red single. Cut leaf foliage which makes a very attractive plant even after the flowers have gone. Fine landscape variety. Blooms hold well when cut.

EARLY SCOUT (E)(Auten) A dwarf (21") crimson red single with pretty blooms about 3" in diameter; deep green fine cut foliage; a gem for the rock garden and one of the earliest hybrids to bloom

EARLY SCOUT Very similar to Early Bird, but with slightly coarser foliage and darker red flower. Red single, Early, 50cm

Blooming Period: Week 2

Fragrance: Faint

Side Buds: No

Comments: Early Scout has inherited the dissected foliage from its parent P. tenuifolia. Though not as fine as P. tenuifolia I prefer this foliage as it resists the heat of summer somewhat better. The flowers are small and in perfect proportion to the foliage. A low growing plant barely reaching 60 cm (24") it is a great peony for the rock garden or the front of the perennial border.

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peonies & seeds

peonies & seeds

EARLY SCOUT (Auten, 1952). (Richard Carvel x Tenuifolia) (Simple). Buisson dense à feuillage de bruyère montrant les caractéristiques de Tenuifolia. Très belle fleur rouge. Très précoce. Idéal pour rocailles. H. 0,45 à 0,50 m.

EARLY SCOUT:Another hybrid of the fern leaf peony, but this time the other parent is a double red garden peony. Foliage finely divided, the flowers are very dark crimson and vary from single to semi-double. 21" stems. Very early.

Early Scout (Auten, 1952) Red, single, very early, 21" tall, hybrid. The very dark, crimson-red flowers are set off by the dark green, finely dissected foliage from the tenuifolia parent.


Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed (THE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TARTU) INDEX PLANTARUM : Paeonia 'Early Scout' Auten 1952

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