PEONY Registrations in Bulletin 305






DANIELLE (Galen Burrell), Richfield, Washington, Jan. 17, 1998. Parentage: Paeonia mlokosewitschii x unknown. First bloomed 1993. This hybrid is yellow with a faint pink flare. Flat form with pollen, seeds, and good substance. 24-30 inches in height with good stem strength. Blooms early. This plant looks very much like mlokosewitschii, but is larger in all respects. Flowers and leaves are nearly twice as large.

LITTLE RED MLOKO (Galen Burrell), Richfield, Washington, Jan.17,1998. Parentage: Paeonia mlokosewitschii x unknown. Seed were sent from a botanical garden in France. First bloomed 1993. Dark-reddish purple hybrid of flat form, with stamens and pollen. Fragrant, very reliable, floriferous. 12 inches in height strong stems, blooms early. This dwarf hybrid looks like P. mlokosewitschii but the flowers are dark reddish-purple. A rock garden plant. Increases rapidly.

SANDRA MARIE (Don Hollingsworth), Maryville, Missouri, Jan. 24, 1998 Seedling # 1865. Semi-double lactiflora of hybrid origin. Parentage Nippon Gold X Cytherea. First bloomed 1984. Mid-late bloom. Light pink to blush, with light yellow stamens, a semi-double cup shaped form, reliable with good substance. Pollen and seeds, sweet fragrance. Strong stems, holds flower erect 28-33 inches, vigorous. Sandra Marie is a lactiflora type of hybrid origin. Emerging shoots, red purple, medium large leaflets, mature dark green and develop fall color at season's end.

FAIRFIELD (Don Hollingsworth), Maryville, Missouri, Jan. 24, 1998 Seedling #1819 Herbaceous hybrid, single. First bloomed 1985. Tall plant, 40 inches. Ruby Red-color chart 61A, light yellow stamens. Cupped shape, single, seeds, pollen, good substance. The parentage is two pale violet flowered seedlings (#278 of Pehrson seed X No. 686, sibling of Summer Glow) from same seed pod as Color Magnet. Foliage is dark green at maturity. Very strong stems, holds flower erect. 

BELLEVILLE (Wolfe/ Hollingsworth), Maryville, Missouri, Jan. 24, 1998. Originator Harold Wolfe (deceased) Belleville, Illinois. Registered by Don Hollingsworth. Anemone, lactiflora. Parentage unknown. First bloomed before 1970. Seedling given to me by Harold E. Wolfe. 1970. Flower opens self color throughout-cyclamen purple (RHS 74C). In sunlight, the petaloids color pales while large carpels become entirely purple. Mid-late bloom. Ball form, no stamens, no pollen. A prolific seeder. Big flower and side buds, very strong grower, broad robust bush. 34-40 in height. Foliage deep green with maturity. This from a successful breeder, Award winning progeny No. 990 HM - 1995, No. 995 AM - 1991. 1095 HM - 1992 Received from Harold Wolfe, Belleville, Illinois 1970.