Paeonia 'Belleville'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

BELLEVILLE (Wolfe/ Hollingsworth), Maryville, Missouri, Jan. 24, 1998. Originator Harold Wolfe (deceased) Belleville, Illinois. Registered by Don Hollingsworth. Anemone, lactiflora. Parentage unknown. First bloomed before 1970. Seedling given to me by Harold E. Wolfe. 1970. Flower opens self color throughout-cyclamen purple (RHS 74C). In sunlight, the petaloids color pales while large carpels become entirely purple. Mid-late bloom. Ball form, no stamens, no pollen. A prolific seeder. Big flower and side buds, very strong grower, broad robust bush. 34-40 in height. Foliage deep green with maturity. This from a successful breeder, Award winning progeny No. 990 HM - 1995, No. 995 AM - 1991. 1095 HM - 1992 Received from Harold Wolfe, Belleville, Illinois 1970.

Belleville (H. Wolfe/Hollingsworth 1998) ML.  Anemone-Bomb; many petals, very large center of slender segments; opens a light cyclamen purple, changing lighter as the flower matures, developing a conspicuous contrast with the purple carpels.  Emerging shoots are dark purple, mature foliage dark green.  Flowered stems may benefit by support.  Easy seeder, proven parent of wanted forms. 

Belleville (H. Wolfe/Hollingsworth, 1998) Light Cyclamen purple, anemone-bomb, midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora. Striking color contrast of darker guard petals surrounding a mound of smaller, lighter center petals. May need support.

BELLEVILLE (M-L) (Wolfe/Hollingsworth) A large light crimson (or light purple) of anemone form; the center petals become pale, while the carpels in the center of the flower become a contrasting darker purple; strong, tall grower with heavy flowers that need support

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