Paeonia 'Sweet Melody'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



SWEET MELODY (Don Hollingsworth, Kansas City, Missouri), April 15, 1992. Seedling # Hollingsworth 385, semi-double lactiflora. Parentage unknown; grown of seed supplied by E. L. Pehrson. First year bloomed, before 1980. This baby ribbon medium pink, semi-double lactiflora has light yellow stamens, pollen and seeds. Medium tall, 34-36" with good stem strength, medium green foliage. Reliable, blooming from mid season to mid-late. Bulletin #282. June, 1992.

Sweet Melody (Hollingsworth 1992) M/ML. Semi-double; beautifully formed bowl, rich baby ribbon pink petals are smaller inward; creamy, pale yellow stamens are interspersed at the center.  Mild fragrance.  Medium-tall bush.  A fine addition to the short list of medium pink semi-doubles.  Seeds, pollen scarce.  Honorable Mention new variety, 1992 National Exhibition.

(+7) Très particulière. Ici à la pivoinerie, une même tige porte 3 boutons de fleurs, semblable à une petite grappe. Chacun de ces 3 boutons porte une fleur différente de par sa forme et sa couleur. Toutes sont semi-doubles et dans les teintes variant du blanc au rose très doux. Plant de 95 cm. Floraison en fin de mi-saison. Faible parfum. Bonne tenue des tiges mais un support améliorerait la présentation.

(+7) An original ! Each stem of this peony bears three different flowers. Three different models on the same stem. Look closely at the pictures. All are of a semi-double form with varying intensities of white and soft rose. Plant of 95 cm. Blooms at the beginning of mid-season. Light perfume. Stems are strong but will bend with the weight of the three flowers. Support will improve the presentation. Splendid and good for romantic garden!

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