Paeonia 'Belle Center'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

Ken Clare:

BELLE CENTER (Mains 1956) Semi-double hybrid bearing shallow cup-shaped blooms with mahogany-red petals and bright yellow stamens. Early season. Height 30 inches.

BELLE CENTER (Fleur semi-double). Rouge carmin foncé en forme de coupe, étamines jaune vif mélangés à de fins pétaloïdes rouges offrant un superbe contraste. Forme très particulière. Précoce.


Belle Center Semi-double dark red flowers, shallowly cupped with velvety, ruffled petals and soft yellow stamens. 2ft (60cm). Early.

'Belle Center' (Mains 1956) ; flr. semi-double rouge carmin foncé en coupe, étamines petaloïdes rouge et jaune mi-saison

Bloom Period: Week 4

Fragrance: None

Side Buds: None

Comments: Very similar to Crusader in form and colour. Flowering perhaps a day or two later. Deep mahogany coloured flowers that do not fade with time. They look stunning when planted with yellow flowering plants.

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